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Genetic testing

The most suit way to you

Gene screening This Genetic test service is to determine the most effective weight loss methods from your body structure.

It is possible to determine The most effective supplements for weight loss.

We will inform you the decision in English of PDF files.
After payment is confirmed, we will ship out the test kit within two weeks.
When you receive the kit and English description, please send it back to Japan.
Please bear the cost to Reply to Japan.
The payment is possible use of credit card through PayPal.

Price is 79,800 yen in Japanese yen.
Mailing cost is 2000 yen in Japanese yen.
Also, please check your country law, too.
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Speaking of cause of fat was eating too much and lack of exercise So far, but recently, it has become clear that it is not so simple.
Currently, genes involved in obesity have been found all over the world, it is said to have more than 40.
Even if it is small One by one of involvement, the obesity establish will be higher when they are combine.
I think that most people are interested in Things related to obesity and skinny.
Especially for people of obesity and overweight, body weight, body fat, and calories, it can be said that important items to worry about.
However, I may feel by overlapping age.
It is that there are hardly fat people and easy fat people, even eat the same amount of food.
We have been expressed with the word constitution.
By the way, what is involved in for this constitution?
To this effect, there is also individual differences in body, such as efficiency to make the energy, fat decomposing speed,
But the largest percentage relatively is due to gene.
Depending on the state of this gene, broadly speaking, and people who have an easy-skinny gene, with people that have two fat-easy gene, the difference of calories a day, It will be 600 kcal.
There is an influence of the gene, this much.
In general, about 10 percent children of obesity incidence of if parents are both standard body weight, about 50% if either one parent is obesity, in the case of both parents are obesity, it will be about 80%.
Certainly, the ability to be stored up to a certain amount of body fat, it is genetically transmitted.
However, it does not mean as obese is inherited.
In other words, people who have a gene called fat easy, and it is well under fat-friendly environment, then obese will be created. First, let the inspection of constitution.
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There are several Genes involved in obesity, but here I will talk about gene of β-3 adrenergic receptor.
This gene is one of the major genes associated with obesity constitution.
◆ function of fat cells ◆
When you have a meal, the taken Energy will be consumed in the meal-induced body heat production, and basal metabolism for the maintenance of the body, also life activities metabolism, such as housework and walking and exercise.
If the energy taken from a meal is greater than the energy consumed, the excess energy will be stored as fat in white fat cells.
Storage of fat is necessary for such as keeping body temperature and for exercise, but the state in which the fat has accumulated more than necessary is called obesity.
On the other hand, When burn fat, the fat that is stored in white fat cells, is taken to become a free fatty acid, it is used to heat production in brown fat cells.
Means that, there are two types of fat cells, white fat cells performs the storage and retrieval of the fat, brown fat cells is a translation that are doing the burning of fat.

β-3 adrenergic receptor

The white adipocytes and brown fat cells to perform storage and combustion of fat, but the work has been adjusted in the surface of each cell β-3 adrenergic receptor.
The Free fatty acids from the white adipocytes by the binding of hormone noradrenaline the β-3 adrenergic receptor is retrieved, the fat burning is carried out in brown adipocytes.
Means that, β-3 adrenergic receptor Since encourage to perform the extraction and combustion of fat, it is mean that acts in the direction to prevent obesity.

Fat easy gene type

Other hand, the gene of β-3 adrenergic receptor has a different type by people, because there is a difference in the work to prevent obesity, we have found that there are easily fat people.
In the β-3 adrenergic receptor gene thickening easy type of person, is basal metabolism is has become 200kcal lower than normal, the energy of 200kcal is too much to eat a standard amount of food, it is easy to gain weight.
How will be the energy of 200kcal worth of left over.
When converting the 200kcal in fat, since the fat 22g, in one year (22g × 365 days), you will calculate the fat of 8kg to accumulate.
Means that, the type of person who is overweight easy gene, needs to refrain 200kcal worth from the daily meal as compared to the normal type of person, or consume energy in the movement of 200kcal worth, it will gaining weight as compared to normal gene people.
Besides there are also people who easy to raise the genetically basal metabolism.
In addition, some people have a gene with the difficult to decrease appetite.
And, there is a fact that the appetite is reduced and overeating stops, When transfusion normal mouse blood in genetically obese mouse.
Then,located the material to control the appetite is leptin, In addition, discovered the obesity gene that makes a protein called leptin (ob gene).
Genetic testing is useful when you make a weight loss plan.
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Whether obesity blood type is determined?
Digestion system of the human race has been defined by a gene, it is said to have different by consanguinity.
A type of ancestors agricultural people, the nomadic ancestors of type B, O type ancestors hunting people, AB type has been said to have the constitution of both A-type and B-type.
In this, A-type human is difficult to obesity of a person with a factor of O-type and O is believed to easily obesity of, there is also view with a high probability of developing lifestyle-related diseases.

3 times out of the time that white fat cells to surge in life.
First the end of pregnancy, then less than the first year of life, followed by puberty before and after (13-15 years).
Special care must be taken to take too much of energy in this period.

It is easy easy to obesity if the Amount of fat cells, because fat stored in the body is increases greater
To perform a all of them might not suit your constitution.
Efforts to break the body is bad also for mentally.
Genetic testing is useful when you make a weight loss plan.
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