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Android application Reversi for two person

Othello of interpersonal application (Reversi for two people) Can play with your friends, is a multi-player Reversi (Othello for two people).
Please play with the conversation, use one Smartphone.
2 people · the number of participants
Decide whether white or black stone, such as rock-paper-scissors.
Black stone Person is the initiative.

Multi-player application Othello (Reversi for humans) Black person must place a piece with the black stone on the board, in such a position that there exists at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) occupied line between the new piece and another black stone, with one or more contiguous white stones between them.
After placing the stone, black turns over all white lying on a straight line between the new piece and any anchoring black stone.
Can not reverse at 4 corners.
When there is no stone sandwich is the pass (rest).
When there is no plase to put a stone for both person, the person is winner who has more stone.
This APP Reversi, please enjoy with talking friends and colleagues.

Reversi no computer (Othello) applications This is the Initial screen.
By touching the frame, you can put a stone of your color.
Has been written with "Thanks for your donation!" In the lower left.
This is payware. And part of the price, is moved to the bank account of Japan earthquake donation at a frequency of twice a year.
When the amount is less than a certain amount, it may also be the transfer of funds (end of year) once a year.
When you press the Menu button to display the menu screen will appear.

人間対人間リバーシ(二人用オセロ)APP Number of Stone == Displays the number of stones of both, of the current board
Close == Frees the memory, and then exit the game.
Turn pass == If there is no place to put a stone, move the hand against the other color person.
Move == URL Move.
Mute Switch == Changing the setting to mute the sound of put a stone, or out the sound again.
More == Moves to the menu of the image below

Reversi with conversation APP (Othello for two people) Back only 1 turn == You can redo the your wrong hand.
SAVE === Save the current board.
LOAD === Read the board saved.
There is only one board can be saved.
When you press the Back key on smartphone without saving, the current board will be lost.
In the Home key should not disappear the Storage of board.(depending on the model?)

APP Reversi with real talk The biggest advantage of this software is that it is at a minimum burden to the device.
This APP is less burden to the battery, also Less of a burden to the memory.
When you save the board, it require only small memory space.
Must be installed on the smartphone, we recommend this app, = Size is large, feature-rich software, the large burden to the battery.

And keep to your Android, which comes in handy for time of need.

Android App Reversi for 2 person(Othello)(Google Play)
It seems that putting [othello] into the title, is forbidden since the company which absorbed TukudaCo. has a trademark of othello now.
I will take off [othello] from the title, and make the App can download, So please wait for a little.

Again on 15th MAY 2014
Google Play Reversi for 2 player

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Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
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