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Reversi for two person (Othello) Game of Android APP, Reversi (Othello).
Please enjoy with the conversation, with one smartphone passing each other. Player Easy to access Software.
Pitch Ruler It is a software that can make or measure things which has the evenly space (Pitch), like IC legs, or screws.
Stock management app Android App to manage the materials, parts and product inventory, along with the place to keeping
Mind-reading magic app From the fun of magic, Android App to get kids interested in math
Situation of Can not talk app It is software to help people with hearing loss, it is nice to have as well the general public.
Magic Line (Prophecy number) Android App to get the children interested in mathematics from the fun of magic
Android Make it Small Camera App It is an application that resulting in smaller your town which taken in the photo.
Android OS de Camera App It is a Camera App for Card Magic.
Camera to scare A camera to make a ghost photo for Android app.
Daily Lucky Color Divination This is the Android app that displays the day of the lucky color
Year Animals in lunar calendar It was made for the people outside of Asia, when you enter a date of birth, app display the Chinese zodiac and nature
Alphabet Name Fortune Telling It is an application that divine personality in the alphabet of the first and last name
Domain Name Fortune Telling For the person that you are trying a new domain, it is an application to diagnose a domain name in the fortune-telling
Email Address Divination It can be used when you get a new e-mail address, and email address fortune telling app
Face Back Beat Military Star It is said that gambling star, it is an application to know the position of Beat Military Star
Today's words from fortune It is an application that displays today's words from fortune telling
Card Picker for Talking time Can be used when you want to leave luck to heaven, it is an application that displays a random playing card
Such as win is better to strong card came out in poker format, it can also be used instead of rock-paper-scissors
Daily Fortune-telling Service It is an application that on the day of fortune telling is displayed
ConversationSeed Scan Affinity This is a compatibility diagnostic application to be seeds of talking
Please use as a conversation starter
Japan Market Of Tomorrow It is an application for predicting the movement of the Japanese market of the next business day in the fortune telling approach
Through Light Photo Carving It is the best watermark photo carving production software, for important person gift
add photo files to the gallery App to add photo files to the gallery
CNC CAM for light thru Download Free of cost CAM app, for the CNC to make a carving from photo (Explanation)
An photo carving when look through the light.
Direct G-Code CAM for CNC Download CAM software for CNC to write a G code in the sense of CAD to enter a numeric value (Explanation)
Free of cost CAM app
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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
Android App page


We introduce a project(named AndRobot), that connect Software and Hardware(smartphone and a machine).
I hope it will be the main content, in the future
AndRobot page

Android Info

A Note while I use the Android device
We strive to provide information that including programer's perspective.
Device Page

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Mail Form is faster than e-mail for me.
because, e-mail at work is prohibited, now.
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