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Supporting the people who is a Small Workshop / Home Factory
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To assist person want to work in Making Things with small capital
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Activity Matters

Course of action

For sales activities, such as useful for people of Small Workshop / Home Factory(SWHF)
We will also help for children to having an interest in learning, and support for handicapped in the basis of donations from everyone, as a social activity
So as be with the Small Workshop / Home Factory, we do manufacturing and sales activities on my own at the same time

SWHF assistance products
Kind of barebone products, such as possible to up the production efficiency, to adjusting, configure, and adapt by your self.
SWHF assistance information
Information that would help to sell on the Internet
  • Internet sales of my way
  • Production of home page
  • SEO
SWHF intimacy of human relations
A Kind of assistance who Making Things can make deepen relationship with the other people in the environment of your own
Action that Children can have some interest in learning.
Making costs will be squeeze from donations and part of the sales price
Action for people with disabilities will get a feel useful
Making costs will be squeeze from donations and part of the sales price
Donation for reconstruction assistance
The part of sales proceeds and the part of ad rate, are moved to the account of the bank which gaining donations of tsunami damage.
Entertainment support of meeting, event, and party
Entertainment(magic tricks) product, when more than one person is a place gather, for asked to solve the tension, or for pull the trigger of the talking
Making Things and sales
Sale our products, in order to not forget the feelings of the person who Making Things

Real Object Manufacturing

Method of making of watermark relief for Memorial Gift Watermark relief for memorial gift.
Services to carving never fade, the important commemorative photo.
Produce a surprise gift, Photographic expression level can be fine when the watermark

CNC automated manufacturing Suggestions to those who are interested in making things.
It Helps in making all things.
In upgrading manufacturing CNC

Plus new material on magic Japan has a material development capabilities
For those who aim to trick up a notch acting
Up to grade your Magic Magic tools


Publish the software in addition to a large number of HTML files, the same sentence.
HTML Adder v1.03 The paid version
HTML Adder v1.03 Free version

Link to Your Site

Introduction of a blog, machining using the machining center, And process for fabricating a machine (Japanese)

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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
Android App page

Magic tool

Introduction of new materials in Japan, to change the magic by power of the material
Provides new material to magician you want to do more than acting now
Magic tool

Android Info

A Note while I use the Android device
We strive to provide information that including programer's perspective.
Device Page


If you like to making things, try CNC.
You have the ability to shape the imagination
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