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CNC CAM for Light Thru

This App is a CAM app for Android OS.
This CAM makes a photo file to G-Code.
The carving will be a high-precision representation.
This App is for CNC user.

CNC CAM Result Photo

CNC CAM engraving

Usage of CAM

First, please prepare a photo file that you want to make by CNC milling machine.
At this time, it is recommended that you make the photo to the appropriate size by production size.
If the operating range of the X-axis is 100mm, and Y-axis is 80mm machine, maybe will make X = 98mm and Y = 78mm with a little extra.
In this case, you can not make the G-Code with the image size is less than 640 * 520, because the image quality is too rough.
Please prepare bigger size By your machine, and the transverse direction if your machine landscape.
The file must have been added to the Gallery App for Android.
If you need to add, please use Adding photo file to Gallery from Google.

In addition, in order at the time of processing, please bring the ball nose end mill with a diameter of 1mm.

And processing to the plate, please prepare a plate of plastic with through a light.
If this is the first time, please prepare the colored acrylic plate 2mm thick.

After you add the image, please launch the app.
And please press the button of the Terms of Use.
You need to agree both the terms and Agreement of this site.
If you would agree, please press the machine configuration button.

In the setting of the machine, the rotational speed of the spindle, please enter the rotational speed per minute as integer.
The second field, please enter the maximum speed of your movement of the machine axis.
The third field is the speed of movement of axis when it is cut.
Reference Point specifies the position go up the Z axis in case you do not cut.
The top surface of the object will be 0.
At this time, Please do not delete the decimal point (dot), if you need it.
In some of the Android device, you can not enter the decimal point.
Case of accidentally deleted, please exit the app with the back key

Please thereafter the display of advertising.
After pressing the button, please wait a little.
If you are interested, click on the advertisement, the number of times to choose the photos will increase.

Then, please select the photo.
It will use the gallery app for the selection.

By selecting photo, It becomes be able to press the set button of the processing.
To suit the movement range of your machine, please enter the length of the X-axis, when you enter, it determines the length of the Yaxis by the size of the image file.
So as not to exceed the movable range of the Yaxis, please enter by adjusting the length of the Xaxis.
When even this time, Please do not erase the dot, by move buttons, or by moving the cursor with the touch.
Processing depth, please specify about 75% of the thickness of the prepared a plate.
(This percentage will change depending on how through the light of the plate, from 50% up to about 80%)
Please do not delete the dot also at this time.

It is time to create the G-code.
It makes some change the image, to match for the characteristics of the human eye.
It will do some calculations that must not be cut in peripheral, From the thickness of the end mill.
For this reason, it takes about 10 minutes or more, sometimes.
Until the end of the dialog comes out, please wait patiently.

Fabricated file begins with the [c], + the year numeric, + seconds numeric, and It becomes .ncd extension files in the file name.
(Like c2015384735.ncd)
It is useful to move, such as a USB memory.
There are also many Android application to move the file to the PC.

CNC machining

Sets the plate on your Machine, and set the ball end mill with a diameter of 1mm.
The top surface of the plate, set at a point X = 0, Y = 0, Z = 0, Please refer to the G-code and make it.

CAM application download

CNC CAM for light through plate

Android app Changes

Fixed a bug in the input of the decimal point in the Android App.

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