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Introduction to CNC machining technology can make actual shape, form you drew on your PC
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Science of CNC manufacturing in
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What is the CNC

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.
It is used mainly on the type of machine tool.
Quantified in inches or mm, the moving distance of the cutting tool.
CNC is to quantify the number of seconds, the speed of movement of the cutting tool.
CNC machine tool is referred to as the machine was made to be able to be processed automatically by those.
Since we are introduced making the CNC lathe and milling machine tools that are on this site, we will briefly describe the lathe and milling machine


Into CNC lathe Structure of the lathe

A lathe is a machine that processes mainly rod-shaped ones.
Lathe is a circular process.
Turn to the stationary material to M of the spindle.
Cutting the material pressed against the material by the rotating cutting tool for mounting the position of the C.
Please refer to the following Things to Do in CNC see what it can actually

Milling machine

Simple image of milling machine CNC machine behavior modeling CNC cutting structure

A milling machine, it is a machine that carved various shapes that a tool such as a drill that shaved and also next to, to secure the material part of the T, T fixed portion is moved to both front and rear, part drill moves up and down.
Please refer to the following Things to Do in CNC see what it can actually


Both lathe and milling machine, making up the shape by moving the blade or material.
That is referred to as a CNC control to move the motor and Computers

As flow
Paint with drawing soft with dimensions concept, by CAD on your PC.
Using the CAM software, a figure that was completed, converted to control programming.
The program is changed into an electrical signal by CNC software.
Received on the interface board, the electrical signal is transmitted from the PC.
Motor driver board, to operate the motor and move the milling machine.
Shape is completed

Sometimes referred to as a CNC Driver Board, those substrate interface board and the motor driver becomes integrally
CNC Driver Board

CNC can produce both parts and Art.
If you are a manufacturing, please come to the world of CNC means.
Please to create the world using the CNC, the great things that are in your head

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We introduce a project(named AndRobot), that connect Software and Hardware(smartphone and a machine).
I hope it will be the main content, in the future
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