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Introduction to CNC machining technology to be able to actually form the shape you drew on your PC
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Knowledge required for processing CNC milling machine

Overall configuration of the PC from CNC milling machine The figure shows the overall structure of PC to CNC.
Please prepare a used PC with a printer port (D-Sub25).
Rather than a laptop, I recommend the desktop PC.
The D-Sub25 cable from the computer that is connected to the D CNC driver board.
CNC driver board is connected to the motor M of three longitudinal, lateral and vertical.
You are completed in a commercially available milling machine F, if connecting the motor

On this page I will describe the minimum required knowledge to CNC

Mechanical knowledge

Acquisition of knowledge of the machine is a large amount of information regarding academic years at school.
However, if you want to modify the milling machine on the market, is sufficient if you can open with the screw holes and drilling technology.
There are many pages that explain how remodeling PROXXON's milling machine.
At the beginning, I would recommend that you install the motor in milling machine on the market

Electronic knowledge

If you want to construct the CNC driver board, you are advised to go to school.
In addition, you can purchase separately, the insulation board and interface board and the motor driver board, even when combined, you should have knowledge of basic electrical.
If you purchase a CNC driver board, it is enough if you can read the manual of English or Japanese
CNC driver board price
Motor price

Programming knowledge

There are several CAD and CNC software that can be used with free or cheap now.
There is also free software 2.5D CAM software that can be specified height.
CNC software recommended
Therefore, even if you can not program, is available in CNC manufacturing

CAD knowledge

It is important to know how to use CAD software.
Check the CAD software that is right for you, please read the manual to learn how to use.
For combination with the CAM, you also need knowledge of the output file format

CAM knowledge

You also need knowledge of CAM software.
Because there is a need to set about the speed, you will also need experience of CNC cutting speed is for the determination of the number.
While we will test several times in fact, this will be the types of knowledge that we learn by experience

Material knowledge

To think about the hardness of the material is the ability to determine the numerical value of the speed in the CAM.
This, too, while we test several times, will be the types of knowledge that we learn by experience

Knowledge of tools

It is also important to think about cutting.
Experience is the way to learn fast

Minimum required knowledge

Would fall by the wayside For the first time, and try to do it all.
Use the CNC driver board and commercially available milling machine, the first time, please make actually do something.
The important thing is to form your infinite imagination

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