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Introduction to CNC machining technology to be able to actually form the shape you drew on your PC
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One example of get started with CNC

I will explain briefly the overall flow for, those who would like to start the CNC

Information gathering of CNC

Please determine the model number of the type milling machine at the beginning.
Please list up some of the page that is easy to understand by a search in the "CNC" "remodeling" "milling machine".
Check whether the page is using what type of milling machine, please determine the type of machine.

To produce a milling machine, you should be familiar with a lot of machinery.
Therefore, at first we recommend that you use a commercially available milling machine.

Purchase the equipment necessary for the CNC

Purchase the equipment necessary for the CNC
Other tools that can be purchased at a home improvement center near home
milling machine
CNC driver board
Stepping Motor
Adapter And the solder and copper
Please purchase

Decomposition of milling machine

Please test the operation a little, also look at the manual of the milling machine.
After that, please try to disassemble the milling machine.
At this time, please do not disassemble the electrical system.
Disassemble the parts can be decomposed only by removing the screws.
To avoid that you can not restore it later, please write briefly decomposition drawing.
You can understand the structure roughly.
With reference to the site on the net, please decide how to install a motor.

Determination of shaft coupling parts

Together with the axis of the handle of the milling machine, the diameter of the shaft of the motor, to determine the "shaft coupling parts".
If special size, please contact us.
After the purchase the Couplings, moved to the motor mounting

Mounting the motor

Attach the motor to the axis of the X · Y · Z
Please refer to the web site that you chose before.
I think you need to purchase a plate and screws

Connection with the CNC driver board

Refer to the documentation of the CNC driver, install the CNC driver.

Configuring CNC software

Refer to the documentation of the CNC software, please various settings of the CNC software.

CNC Testing

Test to draw a circle holding a felt-tip pen is common.

Please make a selection and testing of software, in the blank time they appear throughout.
Knowledge of the operation of the software is important

CNC Start

It is the start of manufacturing.
So many parts that can not be understood without actually doing, please try to reconsider whether you want to create things.
Refer to the Internet, please make a lot of things.

Motor to be fit

CNC driver board

CNC Index

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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
Android App page


We introduce a project(named AndRobot), that connect Software and Hardware(smartphone and a machine).
I hope it will be the main content, in the future
AndRobot page

Android Info

A Note while I use the Android device
We strive to provide information that including programer's perspective.
Device Page

Mail Form

Mail Form is faster than e-mail for me.
Because, e-mail at work is prohibited, now.
Mail Form
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