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Supporting the people who is a Small Workshop / Home Factory
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To assist person want to work in Making Things with small capital
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Proof of the Comrades

If you're the person to cherish his mind of the people, then you are eligible to production

Making in order to control the others are prohibited

Proof bracelet of group organization fellow

It is a testament to the comrades for increasing unity consciousness
It is possible to have with wrapped around the Wrist, or tied to a bag

Cardinal Rule

* It must not be used as a reward for a benefit of who gives
Sale is possible
Possible as to setting that will benefit of the person, then for such consideration.
(Qualifications or study etc. they are possible to give it for consideration as the value, Because it will be a benef in the future for himself)
Because the doubt enters in the friendship, when it is used for the benefit of people give, please refrain from the acts of contrary to popular mind.
* You always think that the partner, please use to foster of the friendship.
Using against the popular mind is prohibited.


Proof bracelet of comrades group

It does not use the metal parts, so can be used who has an allergy to metal.
Main unit made ​​by real leather, it is possible to Add the characters of the convex type.
Picture are written with - CSFI announced time sharing society -
(Critical Stock Finance Information presentation time sharing society)
It is up to 13 characters in length, (or In consultation)
If the space is left over, it is possible to put a mark, a logo or symbol (monochromatic)
Color of the leather can be specified.
The color of the thread can also specify.

Specifying Colors

Leather can be specified from black, dark brown, red brown, brown, cream and other colors.
String can be specified from black, white, red, green, yellow, blue and any others.
If you insist on color, please send us the sample of real thing.
Please order color by e-mail, separately from the order payment.

For the Mold

If you want to put some characters, the fee of mold will be charged.
We do not dispatch the mold, Because the technical information is included.
The price of the mold, storage fee of 1 year is included.
In addition, on the order of 20 pcs, storage fee of one year is attached.

Delivery Time and Postage and the Order

Minimum order quantity is from 5.
How many Number of days takes to ship from the confirmation of payment, depends on the quantity, when quantity is 5 takes 5 days, 100 or more takes 10 days
Please enter the quantity in the order page.
Shipping is automatically calculated by the order page.
After making the order of mold, please order quantity again.

Order of Mold

Order of Proof of the Comrades

ZoneAsiaNorth and Central America
Middle East
Europe and Oceania
South America
Quantity 5-50
Quantity 51-100
Quantity More than 101

Order of the Storage Period

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Android apps

There is the introduction and explanation of my Android applications, here.
Currently, Reversi APP for two human (Othello for two people)
Android App page

Magic tool

Introduction of new materials in Japan, to change the magic by power of the material
Provides new material to magician you want to do more than acting now
Magic tool

Android Info

A Note while I use the Android device
We strive to provide information that including programer's perspective.
Device Page


If you like to making things, try CNC.
You have the ability to shape the imagination
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