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Black Art Breakthrough book


Over 12 New Illustrations Plus a Complete Act!

Dondrake, with the help of Gary Darwin and his friends have put together the first complete book on Black Art. For the first time in print, see Dondrake's Wizard's Window, a complete show where miracles happen at your fingertips. See playing cards instantly vanish! Or a paper bird which visibly turns into a live dove.
Dondrake also shows you 15 new illusions that are easy to build and startling to the audience. Learn how to visibly push a steel rod through your body! From Gary Darwin's top secret notebook, learn how to pull off the fingers and thumb of one of your hands, and then magically reappear each one!


"Magic of Don Drake, The"

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Three Shell Game Pea

There is a magic that does not lose its value over a period of several thousand years.
It is a gimmick to enable the performance at any time, anywhere.
Pea for Three Shell Game

Elastic thread

This is The Best quality Elastic thread in the world.
Please try it once, if you aim at the top of magician in the world
Magic Elastic thread

CNC Driver PCB

CNC Information is useful in manufacturing.
Please refer this who want to make a precise machine tool.
CNC Driver Board

Souvenir production

Please try to present the only one thing in the world, to your important person.
We make a sculpture does not fade forever, with a commemorative photo of your choice.
Souvenir Watermark relief
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