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Threat comb, hair is settled

traditional Japanese technology To those who are suffering in the habit of strong hair, we will present the best of the comb of Japanese technology.

Comb material

"Tree of Minebari" is, it is said in the deciduous tree of the birch family and growth take very slow, to get fat 1 millimeter for three years.
That is why it becomes a packed woody material, so it has the other name of "ax break Betula".
Because of the firmness, it has been used such as for the stamp material and for the abacus beads, for the piano keyboard.
Unique flexibility features in addition to the firmness, and it is said that it is superior to any other wood as a material for precision comb.
Using this wood as a material, craftsmen finish with fine handwork one by one.

Manufacturing process

Harvested wood is not processed immediately. It is stored as raw wood for 3 years, and for 10 years in the state of board, to drying. We will process after taking off the trees bend.

We use two types of planes called "Arashico" and "Joshiko" to engrave the shape of the combs, but ordinary carpenters plane to cut the board flat, we engrave to leaving the ridge line in the center, to draw a gentle arc. It is a work requiring skill of craftsmen.

The number of teeth of this comb is very fine and it is impossible to grind such a fine tooth with an ordinary saw, so all the tools for grinding the teeth are cut off by the craftmen by ourselves, from the mainspring of the watch.

After that, the tooth tip which is said to decide the comfort of comb is carefully finished with a rasp of natural material called "Taku Sa".

Until a single comb is completed in this way, from the growth of lumber to the handicrafts of craftsmen, it takes a lot of time and effort.

The best comb that Japanese technology gathered

This comb is a masterpiece that is said to be usable across three generations.
We would like you to take this mood by all means to our customers and try this rich comb comfort.

Shipping fee and price

Shipping fee : \560 Japan Yen
Price : \19,800 Japan Yen
It is no delivery method guarantee.
If you would like a guarantee shipping is + ¥1530 Japan Yen.
It is sending out within two weeks, now.

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If you like to making things, try CNC.
You have the ability to shape the imagination
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