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Threat comb, hair is settled

Comb English

Peinar Spanish

مشط Arabic

Peigne French

कंघी Hindi

Sisir Indonesian


Гребень Russian

หวี Thai

Türkçe Turkish

comb Vietnamese


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Commemorative photo carving Service

I will engrave commemorative photo to a plate, for a present
It will emerge the same image as the photo when illuminated from the back
Commemorative photo processing Gift

Magic tool

Introduction of new materials in Japan, to change the magic by power of the material
Provides new material to magician you want to do more than acting now
Magic tool

Single-axis stepping motor driver board

It is a stepping motor driver of the half-step drive
For the half-step, the travel distance can be half
Stepping motor driver


If you like to making things, try CNC.
You have the ability to shape the imagination
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