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Banquet Party

For your Uncommon Food Tasting Party

We will send some Japanese snack foods for children, for your Uncommon food tasting party.


Image of Uncommon food tasting party Let's open the meeting which friends gather in feel free.
It get excited that there is a delicious food you do not eat normally at that time.
Junk confectionery of Japan is delicious.
Please prepare drinks.
They fit to liquor(alcohol), too.

Image of Unusual foods Image of Unusual foods 2 The delicious changes in Japan, depending on the season.
So, the contents will change by the Season.

Elegant party Image of rare foods
Decoration is overkill It is possible to enjoy a lot depending on how to dished.

5000 Japan Yen for 3 to 4 People servings.
10000 Japan Yen for 5 to 7 People servings.
Shipping cost is 1000 Japanese Yen.


Are you good at chatting?

This part of final conclusion will be like anything is fine.
Please skip if you want a conclusion.
Don't you have a experience that you were puzzled to serve any topic when chatting with people?
Even you can chat with honorably suppliers a topic to people at work, but you can not find out what is the nice to talk about when you go out with the person you like.
Is there any such experience?
Some people say, -Chatting with light topic is OK, but personal topics is weak.-, other say -I like deep talking, but a bit of chats is not good.-.
Depending on the quality of the talking among the conversation, it seems good and weak resulting in divided.

Chatting does not need to think firmly about the contents of the talking.
However, speaking without thinking the status of the place, or relationships with the partners, there may be a little problem.
It is important to use both type, by partner and the situation.

The light talking will be that the center of the topic is familiar things or events around you.
Such as Weather or kind of smartphone talking.
Please prepare more than 5.

On the other hand, deep talking is more emotion in the topic, and the main is yourself.
Let's prepare more than 2 or 3.

On a person to live, it is very important that is liked by around.
Please keep the rule of goodwill in your mind.

Let's open the party with a reason

Please open the party with a reason.
Is there somebody close to their birthday around you?
Look at the calendar.
Did you or somebody have a happy event?
If you want to drink a tea, Tea party is also good.
When you invite someone to the house, that will be a Welcome party.
Pajama party or Game party will be easy to open.

A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration of a special occasion.
A party will typically feature food and beverages, and often music and dancing or other forms of entertainment.

Before about '80

This site's Japanese Snack called [Dagashi].
There was a lot of [Dagashi] shop before around 1985.
It was the shop which Elementary school students go to buy.
However, according to the children play game at home, I was no longer seen it at all now.
Child's pocket money has decreased because Recession continued, might have been the influence it.
But, manufacturers have left.
Since not covered in most supermarkets, but the small and in good faith business in events or so.
Also, taste has a reputation, so many customers buy buy a lot in 1 time.
Because it is a child favorite taste, I think many people feel delicious.
Therefore most products of small manufacturers, there is no sales in overseas.
It is not marketed only in special shops in Japan.
Please try the special snacks that even Japanese think to want to eat.

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